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Welcome to MountMove CIC
Welcome to MountMove CIC, where we empower individuals to thrive in the digital age. Our comprehensive mental health awareness, career coaching and mentoring programs equip you with the essential life skills to navigate the evolving landscape.
Our Commitment
Our commitment is to provide holistic support. Whether it’s a physical health assessment or a medication review, we ensure access to the necessary healthcare services through GP. Beyond immediate needs, we empower young adults through education with our innovative online digital business skills courses.
These programmes are particularly designed for the youth, honing their abilities, and boosting their confidence across various domains, ultimately enhancing health, employability, and opening doors to new opportunities. In essence, we’re not just a service; we’re a beacon of hope, propelling individuals towards a brighter, self-sufficient future.
Cultivate Focus and Clarity

Through mindfulness practices, we help you develop a focused mindset, enabling you to navigate challenges, reduce stress, and maintain balance in your personal and professional life.

Master Data Analytics Skills

Our programs provide hands-on training in business and data analytics, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise to leverage data to excel in the current tech-driven era.

Reach Your Goals

Our career coaching and mentoring support guide you in defining and achieving your goals, providing guidance, accountability, and strategies for success.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey of mental and skills to empower you to achieve success in life? Join us today and unlock your full potential.

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Mental Health Interventions

We have a team of nurses and psychologists and leverage technology to deliver our services. At our core, we offer a lifeline to individuals experiencing homelessness with tailored assessment and guidance services. Our approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation, addressing both mental health and immediate care needs, ensuring no one is left to face their struggles alone. We recognize that mental well-being is crucial, hence, we facilitate connections to specialized services, such as ‘We Are With You’ for anger management or ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ for trauma recovery.

Understanding the importance of physical health, we accompany our clients to register with a General Practitioner GP, advocating for regular health checks and medical oversight. We acknowledge that a history of legal issues or learning disabilities can create barriers to employment. To dismantle these barriers, we guide our clients towards employment and housing support services, like Job Centres, fostering a path towards stability and independence.

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Career Coaching

Career Coaching:

Navigate the Path to Success

Career Exploration and Goal Setting:

Define your career goals, identify your strengths, and explore potential opportunities aligned with your passions and skills.

Resume and LinkedIn Optimization:

Craft a compelling resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile to stand out to employers and networking connections.

Interview Preparation:

Gain confidence and master interview techniques through mock interviews, personalized feedback, and strategies for showcasing your unique value.

Mentoring Programme


Learn from Experienced Professionals

One-on-One Mentorship:

Benefit from personalized guidance tailored to your specific career goals and aspirations.

Industry Insights and Networking:

Tap into the expertise and networks of our mentors to gain valuable insights into your chosen field and expand your professional connections.

Skill Development and Feedback:

Receive constructive feedback, guidance on skill development, and strategies for continuous improvement.

Enroll in our programme and unlock your inner potential.

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