vibrant RespecTech event in Abuja, Nigeria

Our founder had the honour of speaking virtually at the vibrant RespecTech event in Abuja, Nigeria, a room with over 150 upcoming tech entrepreneurs. He dived into the world of non-code AI. It's not every day you get to ignite minds and spark innovation across continents!

Extraordinary Achievers Charity Award

We were deeply humbled and proud of our founder and CEO for the prestigious Extraordinary Achievers Charity Award. This shines a light on something very close to the mission we're on at Mountmove CIC, empowering disadvantaged young adults, equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in a future shaped by AI.

Emerging Tech Community Roundtable

We are thrilled to share that our founder will be speaking at the Emerging Tech Community Roundtable on April 2nd, 2024! Please join him by registering via this link: CLick here

Technology Advancement Award

Obi Umegbolu (our founder) was honoured with the Technology Advancement Award by the vibrant community of Obosi in Anambra State, Nigeria! His leading of the Digital Transformation Development Team has been profound, blending tech integration with Obosi's rich history, culture, and tradition.