At Mountmove CIC, we believe in the power of mentoring to shape the lives and careers of young adults. By becoming a mentor, you can make a significant impact, inspire personal growth, and contribute to the success of the next generation. Join our mentorship program and help shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

Mentor Responsibilities

As a mentor at Mountmove, you will:

Provide guidance and support to your mentee, helping them set and achieve their career goals. Share your industry knowledge, expertise, and insights to help mentees gain a competitive edge. Foster a supportive and trusting relationship, encouraging mentees to explore new opportunities and overcome challenges. Commit to regular meetings, offering advice, feedback, and constructive criticism.

Why Become a Mentor

Make a Difference:

Share your knowledge, experiences, and insights to guide and support young adults as they navigate their career paths.

Give Back:

Mentoring provides an opportunity to give back to the community and contribute to the growth and development of others.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills:

Mentoring allows you to strengthen your leadership abilities, communication skills, and interpersonal relationships.

Stay Connected:

Engage with young professionals and stay connected with the latest trends and perspectives in the industry.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Personal Fulfilment:

Witness the personal and professional growth of your mentee and experience the fulfilment that comes from making a positive impact.

Expand Your Network:

Connect with other experienced professionals, expand your network, and open doors to potential collaborations and opportunities.

Continuous Learning:

Mentoring offers a platform for continuous learning, as you gain fresh perspectives and insights from mentees.


Receive recognition and appreciation for your commitment and contribution to the development of young talent.

Enrollment Process

To enroll as a mentor, please fill out the form below, providing your contact details, professional background, and areas of expertise. Our team will review your application and get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

Make a difference in the lives of young adults. Become a mentor and help shape the leaders of tomorrow. Complete the enrollment form now and join our mentorship program.